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of an america where all citizens would sit together at the table of brotherhood. >> his words belong to the ages. possessing a power and prophecy unmatched in our time. >> good afternoon. i'm tamron hall. 50 years and nearly two generations and here we stand, a nation reflecting on one of the greatest moments in our history. and a guiding light for our future. the faces of those carrying the torch lit by dr. martin luther king jr. were back today, retraitsing the steps taken by a quarter million americans seeking equality and jobs. it's also today where the first african-american president, arguably the personification of dr. king's dream addressed the crowd in the shadow of greatness. dr. king's speech was incredibly just under 17 minutes long. 1651 words, he was only 34 years old. a speech delivered in a different age at the time carried by just a few networks without the power of the internet or twitter or facebook to help spread that message. it is a speech that the king family closely protects, making sure to preserve the legacy of an iconic leader. now, 50 years later, on this historic ann
our talented military spouses. after everything you've done for america, every american ought to be doing something to support your families. as this time of war ends, some of you will be taking off the uniform and returning to civilian life. and just as we gave you the tools to succeed on the battlefield, i want to make sure we're giving you the tools to succeed in the next stage of your lives as well. so we've improved transition assistance to help you find the job that's worthy of your skills. we're helping you and your families pursue your education under the post-9/11 g.i. bill and making sure instead of off, schools that give you the education you paid for are being held accountable. we're making sure more states and more industries are recognizing your military skills with licenses and credentials you need for a civilian job. when i first came into office, i was meeting medics who had been treating folks on the battlefield and when they went back to school because they wanted to be a nurse, they had to start all over again at nursing 101. and here they are, dealing with
, and are responsible, here in america, you can make it if you try. >>> even as this pecks increasingly crucial to get into the middle class, the cost of a college education is going further and further out of reach. with the average student borrower graduating more than $26,000 in dead. at the university of buffalo today, the president said that has to change. >> higher education is still the best ticket to upward mobility. if we don't do something about keeping it within reach, it will create problems for economic mobility for generations to come. that's not acceptable. >>> to help make that change hahn happen, the president is propose a plan to tie federal aid to the schools offering, using a variety of metrics to reward the schools helping students from all -- if enacted it would be the biggest change since 1965. but as the president noted, that could be a big if. >> we've seen a faction of republicans in congress that suggest that maybe america shouldn't pay its bills that have already been run up, that we should shut down government if they can't shut down obamacare. we can't afford in washingto
the one, fighting to be a part of america, and you see fearlessness in almost every state if you look. >> you were inspired because of what happened with trayvon martin? is that one of the reasons that somebody from their generation has become -- he was mentioned three our fortimes in different speeches, excluding by dr. king's sister. >> it was an alarm cloic for a lot of young people. then for the verdict to not go the way we had expected or plan i think set off a lot of young even. all i have to do is look around, but i do think that having someone that was our generation that looked just like us taken out of, you have the case of israel hernandez in miami, an artist just graffiti'ing an abandoned mcdonald's taken out. young people are starting to observe that hey, possibly the america we have today isn't the one we want tomorrow. >> interesting in 1963, obviously it was a lot of young people that came out that was the 8th anniversary of emmett till's slaying, but i have to play you this. at the end of the '63 march, they listed ten demands of things that they thought were importan
secretary kerry to cairo. >> america cannot determine the future of egypt. that's a task for egyptian people ♪ there must be some kind of way out of here said the joker to the thief ♪ ♪ there's too much confusion >> good afternoon. we begin as the death toll from egypt's bloody crackdown continues to rise well into the hundreds now. as the extent of the military's assault on protesters comes into focus and the u.s. gauges its response to the bloodshed. at this hour, health officials report more than 600 dead and some 3,700 injured. figures that are yet expected to rise in the worst day of civil violence in the nation's modern history. but despite the brutal toll, muslim brotherhood supporters have ousted president morsi, urged demonstrators to take to the streets once more, vowing to bring down the interim government with mass protests today in cairo and to the north in alexandria. government buildings were set on fire in the city of guiza across the nile river from cairo. even if the interim government vowed to confront, quote, terrorist acts and officially authorize the use of live f
stands for every servant that serves america. the butler is you, you're serving america. the butler is me, i'm serving america through my cinema. and he happens to be looked down on. that's how we look at -- how we look at class, how we address class in america. which transcends race too. >> and you'll see martin bashir's full interview with lee daniels director of the butler" coming up in a few minutes. next the day's top lines. look who has a new appreciation for the performing arts. >> this is an artist. a very brave artist, believe it or not, rodeo clowns. they could he get mauled by a bull at any time. this is art, this is entertainment. a good athlete? no. oh dad, you remember my friend alex? yeah. the one that had the work done... good to see you. where do we go when we die? the ground. who's your girlfriend? his name is chad. and that's where babies come from. [ male announcer ] sometimes being too transparent can be a bad thing. this looks good! [ male announcer ] but not with the oscar mayer deli fresh clear pack. it's what you see is what you get food. it's oscar mayer. [ male
to a broad swath of america. dr. king's speech was a pointed speech, but a healing speech. dr. king's speech was an important speech, because it charted a vision. i think for the president, and for all of us that are going to participate in after the the activities, we call it a continuation, not just a commemorative series of events, for all of us and for the president i think especially it is about the future. it's about 21st century america, but it's also about a recognition of what i call sinister forces, martin, that are at play in this nation, the discussion about repealing health care, the voter suppression laws that exist, all of this in the face of a great recession in the aftermath of a great recession, when what the nation should really be about is building the kind of bridges we need to build economic prosperity for all. it's important, but it also is a chance action i think, for the president to think beyond his administration, and think beyond his term as president, to set a course which may last for decades to come. >> professor peterson, mark moriel talks about the future, bu
now in america, are people judged not by the color of their skin but the content of their character. 54% of all adults agreed with that statement but just 19% of african-americans. why do you suppose there's so much pessimism on the part of black americans whether or not they're being judged by the content of their character. >> it's not because black americans are naturally pessimistic. it's because they live life in this country and see what happens to themselves, to their children, they see their chances to move up the economic ladder stunted. they see their inbought to dolt better for themselves, their children, their grandchildren and see things not working out as well as they can. things were better than 50 years ago. there are loss in this country that prohibit me from being the victim of discrimination. but that doesn't mean that life is wonderful and everything is free. it means we've still got a lot of work to do and feed to have everybody put his and her shoulders to the wheel and make sure that work is done. we had a great movement in 1963 when this march happened. we ne
be if but when. >> is america about to strike? >> officials here at the pentagoning are operating as if this is in fact a done deal. >> if you were to come, you're ready to go like that. >> like that. >> with small strikes. >> four u.s. navy destroyers and two submarines. >> the crisis has outpaced the world's response. >> what we saw in syria should shock the conscience of the world. >> we are supposed to be outraged by anyone using chemical weapons. >> they're trying to come up with an objective that punishes assad. >> if the syrians had oil, we would have been in there. >> how do we reconcile not wanting to get into this war. >> these people don't want american troops and for this to become another iraq. >> smash ath face of bashir assad. >> the president continues to work with his national security team when he has made a decision and has announcement to make, he'll make it. >> we begin with mounting signs is of impending u.s. military action against syria with senior officials telling nbc news strikes could be launched as soon as thursday. secretary of state john kerry ratche
powerful union in the united states of america in any field. but the union made it clear to major league baseball that they would not allow them to suspend alex rodriguez during his appeal. that would have been rather unprecedented by major league baseball and the union drew the line. >> okay. about an hour from now, the president is set to honor former ballplayers who were members of the historic negro league this evening in just over an hour. this could have been a very special day for the sport. instead, what we're discussing is a selfish cheater and alleged liar who basically has besmirched the integrity of the game. >> well, alex rodriguez doesn't need a lot of help in besmirching the integrity of the game. this is a sport that made billions of dollars throughout the 1990s on the steroid eera. yet the entire weight of the steroid era, the entire weight of the scandal has fallen on the shoulders of the players. if this was to use a world that you're very familiar with, martin, if this is abu ghraib, this is about publishing liddy england and not looking up the chain of command. becau
cars in the world right here in the united states of america. our businesses have created 7.3 million new jobs over the past 41 months. we now sell more products made in america to the rest of the world than ever before, our exports are way up. we produce more renewable energy than ever before, more natural gas than anybody else, health care costs have been growing at the slowest rate in 50 years and our deficits are coming down at the fastest rate in 60 years. so we're making progress. so thanks to the efforts of a lot of people like you, we've cleared away the rubble of the financial crisis. we're starting to lay the foundation for more stable, more durable economic growth. but as any middle class family will tell you, we're not yet where we need to be. because even before the crisis hit, we had lived through a decade where a few at the top were doing better and better, but most families were working harder and harder just to get by. and reversing this trend should be, must be washington's highest priority. it's my highest priority. i want to make sure that in america, it doesn't ma
want to die in america that has breast cancer so that we're on a par with the english system? it will all be equalized, so everybody will be getting less than the health care they would get without obama care. >> everybody will be getting less? really even the 45 million people who have no health insurance at all? lord, what fools these mortals be. let's get to our panel. here in new york city is joy reid, the managing editor of thegrio.com. david corn, and also msnbc policy analyst, the great ezra klein of "the washington post." joy, i apologize for comparing british parliamentary history with speaker boehner, but there was the parliament of dunces in 1404, when lawyers were banned. then there was the adult parliament of 1614. has speaker boehner managed to -- the addled and the dunces umpgts and then throw in the do-nothing congress that we had in this fair country. i think the funniest part was the part in the introwhen they said they were going on recess. i had no idea they were actually there. they don't do anything. they may as well. >> this is their summer recess. the
:57, the least productive employees in america left washington for five weeks holiday. nice work if you can get it. ♪ >> the stakes couldn't be higher. >> there's a gone campaigning side outside the oval office. >> if i had poll numbers as low as his. >> how about a grand bargain for middle class jobs. >> no jobs bill, no budget bill. the threat of shutting down government. >> the one threatening to shut down the government is the president. >> majority leader. >> sit down and shut up, okay? >> 40 meaningless votes to repeal obama care. >> finally defund obama care. >> you're delivering no meaningful information. >> you're going to go back to your districts and explain. >> it's an aimless congress falling into chaos. >> it's pathetic. >> we're just slightly ahead of genghis kahn apartment communist party in popularity. >> i'm not the least bit concerned about what some might wand to describe as perception. >> i've run my last campaign. i don't need to spin. >> i'm sure the august recess will have our members in a better mood when they come back. ♪ ♪ holiday road, oh >>> ah, yes, it is tha
to do, refuse to show. that includes by the way some of america's most vocal critics. >> professor peterson, that seemed to me to be addressed as much to the people of this great country as it did perhaps to one vladimir putin. >> it does seem that way. i mean, i don't know if the best way of making his case is comparing us to governments that are more totalitarian and how they execute their powers, but i have a really different take on this entire sort of nsa thing. i really find it to be quite a privileged discussion. and it's not that i'm not interested in transparency in terms of how our government surveils its people, how our government prosecutes the war on terror. i do think those things are important. i do think this conversation is important. but i just believe we needed to have had this conversation a long time ago. and i believe that poor people and people of color are under a different type of surveillance in this country. when you think about things like stop and frisk and a relationship on the interface between policing forces in the communities of color and poor folk
attack? >> i think we can change things immediately just because we're america. that's not necessarily the case. >> president pulled troops out of iraq and trying to get them out of afghanistan. does he or this country have an appetite to get involved? that's the red line that the president does not want to cross. ♪ purple haze ♪ >> the dilemma gross deeper in syria with secretary of state john kerry declaring this afternoon that chemical weapons were used, accusing the syrian government of a cover-up and vowing u.s. response. it's all part of a quickening pace from the administration. this weekend, president obama showed all the signs of trying to forge an international coalition. huddling with his national security team and making calls to key u.s. allies. earlier this afternoon, secretary of state john kerry spoke from the state department demanding consequences for assad's actions. >> the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. make no mistake. president obama believes there must
to announce today that the justice department will take a series of significant actions to recalibrate america's federal criminal justice system. we will start by fundamentally rethinking the notion of mandatorily minimum sentences for drug related crimes. >> declaring mandatory minimums both ineffective and unsustainable, he announced the justice department will order prosecutors to omit listing quantities of illegal substances in indictments for low level drug cases. side stepping federal laws that impose strict mandatory minimums. it's one of several steps aimed at curbing overcrowding, massive taxpayer spending and gross disparities within the criminal justice system. let's get right to our panel now. with us from washington is nia-malika henderson and in los angelesing is strategist professor bob shrum, columnist for the daily beast and contributing professor at nyu. nia-malika, he said the moral cost of mass encars ration are impossible to calculate. but they do add up. $80 billion we've he spent to incarcerate prisoners in 2010 alone, 47% of those imprisoned for drug-related crimes. and
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in america. >> joining us now is krystle ball my colleague and co-host of the "cycle" and brad wood house, a former dnc communications director now president of americans united for change. welcome to you both. krystle, let me repeat that line from mr. gingrich in case you didn't hear it. if the era of obama's disaster, we have to get beyond being anti-obama. so he's terrible and we have to stop saying he's terrible. can this guy hear what he's saying? >> it is amazing that he has to start out by bashing the president before he dk even begin to make a point what the future might hold. but newt might have one important message for them which is how disastrous it was for him and was for republicans in the '90s when he made the decision to shut down the government. right now with republicans contemplating going over that ledge again. >> he's not talking about that, krystle. he's talking about smartphones and technology. >> you got to be on the twitter if you're going to get to voters. that would be an important message if he goes there and talks about how disastrous it was for the party not
. internationally, there's still a question of how america should respond to the violence against protesters in egypt as well as reports that the military-controlled government may soon release former dictator hosni hugh barak from prison. we'll have more in just a moment. but first, the president returns as d.c. and the nation prepare to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the historic march on washington for jobs and freedom. half a century later, the questions about race and criminal justice raised by that march still face the country. including in the form of controversial stop and frisk programs. a federal judge declared new york city's programs unconstitutional last week. however, at a news conference on a major gun bust today, new york city mayor michael bloomberg again stood front and center to defend the practice. >> generally, it's believed by law enforcement people that without this tactic, the bad guys would feel a lot more comfortable in carrying guns. common sense says if you run a risk of getting stopped, you're going to pay more attention to what's in your pocket. >> stops unde
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we stop the irs? >> yes, we can. >> can we mobilize grass-roots america? >> yes, we can. >> and can we defund obama care? >> yes, we can. >> yes, we can. joining us is democratic congressman james clyburn of south carolina. welcome, congressman. >> thank you so much for having me, joy. >> congressman, why do you suppose that republicans think or do you think they're really do believe they can get barack obama to blink and literally sign the repeal of his own health care law? >> i doubt that very seriously. i would say to the little iteration there, two out of three ain't bad. they may get some grass-roots to rally. and i think they'll get grass-roots to the rally on the other side of that issue. we'll with all talk about what should or should not be the role of the irs. but when it comes to the affordable care act or obama care, whatever you wish to call it, the president is never going to sign any legislation coming to his desk that will try to defund this great program that they are finding out in their town hall meetings that there are many, many poor people in support of this pr
barack obama was a citizen of the united states of america, but those fakes didn't -- that fact didn't seem to bother any on the right to going into conniptions about his own os tenable nonamericanness. we ought to have a little bit of fun here with our, you know, tongue in cheek analysis of mr. cruz's dual citizenship. >> i think canada just struck back, professor. i want to go to dana milbank. we saw how exercise and over the top a lot of people on the right got about barack obama's where he was born and demanding to see the birth srth. for the sake of consistency, should we now look for the tea party and others to go after ted cruz in the same way. >> no, i think the left now needs to go after ted cruz. i am demanding to see this albert at that time birth certificate with the raised seal. i want to know that ted cruz is not from the yukon territory. i'm not satisfied he's renouncing his canadian citizenship. i want him to refouns his loyalty to the queen because canada is part of the commonwealth. of course, you're not seeing an equivalent response on the left now because they --
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)